Monday, June 30, 2014

Gender Reveal! IT'S A...

OMG!!! Jeff and I are going to have a sweet baby girl come November :) We are BEYOND excited and you know I have already been shopping away for the most adorable baby girl clothes ever! It was such a shock because I was convinced that it was going to be a boy from my dreams to the old wives tales but we were pleasantly surprised. Now I couldn't imagine not having a girl. It was a wonderful party with family and friends sharing this very special moment with us. I had to go all out down to the very last detail like I said before- I LOVE party planning! My mom even called me "Sara Kardashian" when I told her I thought about hiring a photographer to take pictures at the event haha!
 Cute Onesie Banner- Etsy Shop

 Voting Station! 
Team Pink or Team Blue

 Voting Cards- Etsy Shop
Buttons- Etsy Shop
 Baby's heartbeat recorded at last ultrasound
Most pointed towards BOY
Amazing cake- Mowry's Baking Company

After everyone had voted and all arrived it was time for the big reveal! I had been waiting all week since having the ultrasound done the previous week, I had a sealed envelope with the results taunting me the whole time but I do not peek and was so ready to know what color we were going to see in that cake! 

Getting in some practice with our dear friend's baby girl Carolina :) 

And for the name...

Well, there you have it.. our gender reveal party in pictures! Now I'm pinning away girl nursery ideas :)



  1. So sweet! You should totally party plan!! :)

  2. Congrats! Being a girl mom is so much fun!!! I love the name, so unique!!! Will you call her Gwendolyn or Gwen?

  3. Ahh!! I am so happy for you guys!!! Such a gorgeous cake! Love all the decorations! I absolutely love the name! Congrats!!

  4. I was so happy to see another girl coming in November!! You will LOVE having a little girl for sure! I already know she will be one of the best dressed in IL. Hehe. We will have to get our little princesses together sometime after they are both here! Loved everything that you got for your party! Thanks for sharing it on your blog and in the Nov group!!

  5. Thank you everyone!! Carol- we are going to call her Gwendolyn but I'm sure we will have some different nicknames for her :) I'm really enjoying pregnancy but can not wait for November to get here!!

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