Friday, June 20, 2014

5 on Friday

It's finally Friday! What a long week or so it seemed to me because all I can think about it is Jeff & I's gender reveal party TOMORROW!! All I do is think about it, talk about it, and even dream about it :) So ready to know if baby Neisslie is a boy or girl. So for this 5 on Friday link up, I am going to recap some events that have happened over the past weekend because I have been super busy on weekends and haven't had time to post about it as well as share about new events happening this weekend!
{1} Father's Day 
Another great Father's Day down in the books, especially with Jeff becoming a future daddy in November. I wanted to get him a special present to open, so I had a onesie made that said, "I <3 MY DADDY". I know that Jeff is going to be an amazing father and I can't wait to see him with our little boy or girl. He has already done so much for me during my pregnancy this far and I'm so thankful for him.
{2} Bestie's Bachelorette Bash
Super fun weekend in Chicago for my bestest friend in the whole wide world's bachelorette party! Mallory's sister did a fabulous job getting everything ready and hosted the party at her apartment in Chicago. We had adorable party favors, fun games for the bride, and of course booze!! Once Mal opened her gifts, we headed to our trolley we rented for the night to drive us around downtown Chicago! What a blast. I loved the trolley ride- so fun dancing and waving to people as they drive/walk by (probably thinking we are all crazy) haha. We stopped for a drink at a rooftop bar and then went to a country bar where a live band was playing. We danced the night away and I was feeling pretty good about myself keeping up with everyone else because I was drinking water and pop plus wearing tall heels. About 1:45 AM is when my feet started killing me. Overall, I would say it was a great success and Mallory is ready to tie the knot next weekend!!

{3} Gender Reveal Party Planning
Like I've said before- I love party planning!! I want to cover every detail and make it fun for everyone attending. Of course, I used Pinterest and Etsy to help me with ideas and decor. Here is the invitation we got designed from the Etsy shop and some other inspiring pins from Pinterest!
{4} 18 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 18 Weeks & 6 days

Baby Size: 5.6 inches long and weighs 6.7 ounces


Total Weight Gain: Still at 143lbs. but my belly is really starting to POP!

Maternity Clothes: Mixture of both maternity and regular. Felt pretty good still fitting into my normal size dress pants the other day :)

Movement: More little flutters! Hoping to feel more in the next couple weeks.

Sleep: Must have my long body pillow to sleep well at night. Also had another dream last night that I had ultrasound right before my reveal party and tech told me it was a boy and I started crying because it was suppose to be a surprise haha

Best Moment of the Week: Getting all the party supplies and DIY projects ready!

Missing Anything: Not really- just enjoying every minute of my pregnancy :)

Food Cravings: chips and salsa always sounds good and cereal in the morning.

Symptoms: just itching some and growing belly

Labor Signs: Not at all

Wedding Rings: On

Happy or Moody most of the week: Happy, happy.. Joy, joy :) :) :)

Looking Forward to: OUR GENDER REVEAL TOMORROW!!!!!

{5} Jeff and I's 2nd Anniversary
Can't believe we have almost been married for 2 years *June 23, 2012*! Time flies when you are in love :) I am truly blessed to have a husband like Jeff. So caring and thoughtful. He means the world to me and I can't wait to see him with our little one. We have been together a total of 7 years and married for 2, loving every day with him. I can't wait for many more years of happiness with my soul mate! Love you babe!

Have a wonderful weekend :)



  1. I am so excited for your gender reveal party!! Ours will be July 12th and I am super excited! Happy early anniversary! We celebrate 3 years on July 23rd! Can't wait to find out if you guys are having a boy or girl!!!!!

  2. Happy almost anniversary! Can't wait to hear pink or blue!

  3. Ok so I am dying to know if it's a boy or girl!!! Hope you guys are doing well! Looking forward to your next post!

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  5. So sorry I have gotten behind in my blogging but I am going to post about the big reveal tonight so check in :)