Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend 2014

One of my favorite weekends in February.. THE SUPER BOWL!! What do I look forward to the most?! That would be the football, commercials, halftime show, & FOOD :) It's one of those days where the diet kind of goes out the window to enjoy some comfort food that tastes oh so yummy.

Before Superbowl Sunday, Jeff and I had a little date night on Saturday, where we bowled together for the first time! I know, I can't believe we have been together almost 7 years and never went bowling with one another. It was just a spontaneous decision as we sat inside most of the day bored and I randomly thought- Hey! Let's go bowling babe :) I was so pumped about the idea that I was jumping around, shouting excitedly while getting ready (I actually began singing parts of the song "Let's Bowl" from Grease 2 haha). It is something we haven't done together, so it's only normal to get really slap happy, right??! My goal was to bowl 100 or better and get at least 1 strike. I was able to accomplish both of them! Jeff and I had a blast and can't wait to go bowling together again soon. It's the little things :)
caught ya babe!
Strike please!!

*Super Bowl Grub* 
I made two different things for our mini super bowl party! I love making pasta salad with Olive Garden dressing! It just adds an extra punch of flavor and I can't stop eating it :) I also wanted to add pictures of the taco dip I talked about in my last post with all ingredients and prep work!
We celebrated the big game day with our friends- Chase & Lindsay, they invited us over to their home to watch the game and hang out. We had fun together and you could say our husbands had a little TOO much fun because they wanted to play a Peyton Manning Drinking Game. Especially since the game didn't go in the favor for The Broncos, Jeff and Chase didn't far very well either haha :)
I also really enjoyed the halftime show! I love Bruno Mars and hope to see him live in concert someday. He is full of energy and I like how his band gets into with him as they dance and play all the different instruments. You can't deny that he has an amazing voice!
Overall, we had a great Super Bowl weekend! Hope all of you did as well and enjoy your week :) Not looking forward to more snow in the forecast for Central Illinois.. more blogs posts will be in the works if I'm stuck inside all day!


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