Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday *Valentine's Day Edition*

Hello to all you love birds out there! Today is the day to let your special someone know how much you love and care about them :) I can be such a hopeless romantic sometimes and my husband on the other hand thinks Valentine's Day is just another day haha men! I agree that you should celebrate love all year long and not just on one holiday but it is fun with all the hype around it! I love LOVE {call me cheesy}, so I want to make this 5 on Friday all lovey dovey just for you!
©One© Gold Bar Necklace 
This is one of my favorite gifts ever from my hubby! I have seen that these gold bar necklaces are all the rage lately, especially with celebrities! I knew I wanted one but with a personal touch to make it a little bit different. I thought engraving our wedding anniversary in roman numerals would be so special and meaningful :) With that idea in mind, I went straight to my go to site, Etsy, and began to search for shops that could make it happen! Jeff was asking me what I wanted for Vday and I shared my idea of the necklace and he thought that was awesome and said, "you want it, you got it babe!" Yay! Thanks to my hubby, I placed my ordered and I am very pleased! I will treasure this forever and ever.
©Two© Favorite V-Day Candies 
Hello, my name is Sara Neisslie and I have a candy addiction! Any that knows me can tell you that I am obsessed with candy. I love it all- nerds, sweet-tarts, sour punch straws, crybaby tears to name a few. I am always pumped when a new holiday is approaching because I have certain seasonal candy that I can't wait to go out and buy (call me crazy, I just can't help it). Here are some of my Valentine's Day favorites...
Petite Sour Hearts

©Three© Love Quotes
Like I said before I love LOVE!
I'm a sucker for those lovey quotes out there!
created my own :) 
©Four© Valentine's Day Snack
These look so delicious and easy to make! All you need is square pretzels, Hersey Hugs or Kisses, and M&Ms.
Recipe & Directions for Valentine Pretzel Buttons found & pinned to my Pinterest page!
©Five ©Romantic Movies
To celebrate Valentine's Day, Jeff and I will go out to dinner and come home to watch a movie of my choice!! I'm thinking RomCom (romantic comedy). Some of my favorite love movies..
Of course I had to list this one!
(shout out to my girl Kelsey)
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Have a fabulous weekend :)


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