Friday, May 23, 2014


Fridays make me happy :) Memorial Day weekend ahead and I'm excited! I am going to make this 5 on Friday all about summer. I love everything about summer, it's my favorite season. Nothing like grilling out, swimming, family time, longer days, and of course all the cute summer clothes :) 

*ONE* Swimwear for Mama
I love swimsuits.. I have way too many and now that I'm preggo my little bikinis aren't going to flatter my new "bumpin'" figure. I don't mind rocking my baby bump full out with friends in private but public pools- I'm going to stick with cute, fashionable tankinis or one pieces. I still want to look trendy and fun, so I've already purchased the high waisted black & white polka dots with red top from Love of Labels Boutique. How adoreable! Can't wait to see how it fits :) Now I'm debating between these other 2 from VS. Which one to go with?!
*TWO* Fun Fonts
Who doesn't love a cute font for letters, invitations, or crafty projects?! These fonts are so easy to download and free, found them on Pinterest. I can't wait to use some of these summer fun fonts on things for Jeff and I's gender reveal party in June!
*THREE* Refreshing Mocktails
Ahh! Summer goes great with a nice cold beer or glass of wine but not for me this year. I still want to enjoy fun drinks without the alcohol. How about a virgin sangria mocktail?! Delicious :)
White Grape Sangria
4 Cups Welch's Light Grape Juice
1/2 Cup OJ
1 medium pear sliced
1 medium orange sliced
1 medium apple sliced
Fresh berries

*FOUR* Pasta Salad
Signature dish for summer in my mind is definitely some kind of pasta salad. Love them for any party or cookout! A new favorite of mine is the BLT Pasta Salad found Here. Simple yet so yummy! A nice change up from the traditional Italian Pasta Salad I usually make. Give it a try for your next event and let me know how you liked it.
*FIVE* Vacation
"Vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation, had to get away..." I'm ready to take a little trip and get away sometime this summer. We won't do anything major since, we need to save up for our little bundle of joy :) We are thinking of heading to Atlanta to visit my brother. He just moved there for a new job and it would be great to see him and explore somewhere we haven't been before. He said Atlanta has some great shopping, so I'm in :) I see a road trip in our near future!
 Happy Memorial Day weekend!!


  1. I love mocktails, too! And pasta salad. Definately says summer!

  2. Hi! Came over from the linkup and I am your newest follower! I love that bikini! Mine is high waisted too, perfect Mommy bikini. :) Congrats on your bundle of joy due in November. My daughter was born 11-28-12. November babies rock! :)

  3. Thanks!! Our due date is November 16th :) I just can't wait to find out the gender in June! Thanks for following!