Sunday, July 28, 2013

We Are Family...Weekend Wrap Up

Once again the weekend has come and gone way too fast :( Some of the best weekends seem to fly by in the blink of an eye, so it's a good thing I was like the paparazzi this weekend to capture all the memories made with my family for my grandma's 80 birthday & grandparents 61st wedding anniversary! We were so lucky to have my uncle Kevin & aunt Terry here from Connecticut along with my aunt Stacey & cousin Jessica from Arizona to celebrate with us. It made the party extra special having everyone together (which doesn't happen very often). We laughed, we cried (happy tears), and we had a great time!
All the family together 

Let the party begin!
Amazing cookies from Cake & Candy Connection 
Fully stocked bar 
Yummy food table
Buffalo Chicken Dip was a success :) 
Guests of honor
My wonderful family :)
Now it's time for WIWW *What I Wore Weekend*
Dress- Lulus
Gold Earrings-Francesca's
New Hair- Ombre Overlay
There you have it, my weekend wrapped up in pictures! Time to enjoy the rest of my Sunday night cuddled on the couch with my man & puppy :)

XOXO, Sara

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