Monday, April 21, 2014

We Are EGG*CITED To Announce...

Words can not express my happiness right now!!! I am going to be a mommy- I like the sound of that :) Jeff and I are so so excited to share our news that our little babe is due this November! I just could not keep it a secret any longer. It is like everything is falling into place just like it is suppose to. New house, new jobs, and new life :) I can't wait to blog all about my pregnancy and share all the new tips and tricks I will be learning along the way. Thanks to all our family and friends for the support, love, and continued prayers!

Here is how we made the big announcement on good ol' Facebook Easter day!

Baby Neisslie

How did it all go down? When, where, how we found out?!
So it was two days before our big move to Indiana and I was still feeling the effects from the George Strait concert we went to that past weekend (little too much wine & beer, sorry baby Neisslie) I really wasn't thinking much of it and just thought it was a long lasting hangover. Before I continue, here is a little back story- Jeff and I had been trying for a year to get pregnant. Like some, I thought it was going to happen right away and we could plan everything out perfectly. Not the case. I eventually began medication to help and had an appointment scheduled with a specialist once we got to Lafayette. Since I was convinced we couldn't conceive on our own, I really tried to not focus on the whole getting pregnant the month of February. I was so busy with Beachbody and doing workouts plus the move, it was a good distraction from feeling down and worried all the time. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and on God's time. OK back to the day I found out... I decided since I was feeling "off", I would go buy some tests. I hadn't taken any in 2 months because it was just so saddening all those other months I thought it would be positive and it wasn't. So this time I didn't even tell Jeff I was going to test, he was at work in Lafayette and would be driving back that night. Well, I got home and took the test and within no time at all, I saw those two lines appear! I was in shock, it is funny to think back at my reaction as I remember looking down at the test and then into the mirror with my hands on my checks like OMG face and then looking back down at the test again. I could not believe my eyes, I even had to read the directions again like I didn't already know what the two lines meant. I then thought I need to think of a cute way to surprise Jeff and fast because he was due home in a half an hour. I grabbed the prego jar and wrote I'M on card stock and taped that along with the test to the jar. As you can see in the video, Jeff was shocked as well! So glad I thought to capture that moment on film with my iPhone. That night we couldn't even sleep with all the excitement. We just talked and I was pinning on my secret boards all things baby :)

How did we tell our families?
Jeff and I were staying the night at my parents the next night after we found out because the movers had come and packed up all our stuff. Since Jeff had to go to work that day, he wouldn't get home until 5:30pm, so I had him pick up the cookie cake with the surprise message inside. When my parents saw Jeff carrying in this box, they were wondering why? I told them we wanted thank them for helping us with the move that coming weekend and wanted to bring over a yummy dessert. Once my mom opened and read the message, her face lite up with joy and some tears. Both my mom and dad were so excited for us and can't wait to be grandparents.
 Jeff's mom was having neck surgery the day after we found out the news, so we wanted to wait until she was in recovery at the hospital to tell his parents. We decided what better "get well" gift then flowers with a card saying, "Get well soon, grandma" Love, Baby Neisslie. More excited faces and some tears! It was so great to see their reactions and they are also pumped to be grandparents.
Will we find out the gender? How will we share the news?
I am a planner and must know as soon as we can if it will be a boy or girl! I can't wait to decorate the nursery and buy all kinds of baby clothes and items :) We will be able to find out mid-June. And for those of you who know, I love any excuse to throw a party, so of course I am going to have a gender reveal party with family and friends!! I have my Pinterest board started with all kinds of ideas for the event.
Bought anything for the baby yet?
Hello! I'm obsessed, so of course I have gone out and bought a few things :) This baby is loved so much already that family and friends have bought baby Neisslie some cute items! Special thank you to: grandma & grandpa Swartz, Lori Leggett, LaDonna Jenkins, and Lindsay Coleman.
Now I will leave you with some pictures from our Easter Sunday! I am so excited to share my motherhood journey with the blog world! So stayed tuned for more post all about baby :)


  1. LOVE it! I'm so happy for you! Love how you announced to your close family and friends!!! Awesome! Can't wait to see what you do for the gender reveal!!

  2. Thank you!! I will def be sharing all the planning process of the gender reveal :)

  3. Congrats girl!!! I'm so excited for you guys! I am a planner too and would totally want to know and also throw a party! Its crazy but even though we aren't trying yet, I've already thought about how I want to record telling my husband and also my parents when that day does come! What a fun thing to have to keep forever! So excited for you!!

  4. I don't usually read blogs but I absolutely loved yours! Will definitely be looking for more to come! Congratulations!

  5. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments! I'm very excited to have more readers of my blog :) I love sharing our life and can't wait to post more all about baby Neisslie!!