Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just Getting Started...

What day could be more perfect to start a blog to share my family with the world than on me and my husband's 1st wedding anniversary :) Can't believe it has already been a year! Time flies when you're in love<3 Here is a little inside look into The Neisslies...

Jeff and I first met one summer night in June 2007 in Decatur, IL at Steak N' Shake (real exciting, I  know). Jeff's friends knew some of the girls I was there with and Jeff decided to yell "HI!!" across the restaurant to me and I quickly replied with a shy "Hi" and turned back around in my booth. After we finished eating Jeff came over to our table and invited us girls to his apartment for a party that was going to happen the next night and we said sure, we will be there. That next night we really hit it off with great conversation and dancing so I just had to ask him for his number :) I guess we just couldn't get enough of each other and hung out almost every night after that and officially became boyfriend/girlfriend on July 4th, 2007!!!

Jeff and I got engaged on August 5th, 2011! Jeff planned a nice dinner at The Beach House restaurant down by the lake in Decatur, IL before we headed to the Decatur Celebration (it's kind of a big deal here in central Illinois haha). During dinner Jeff showed some signs of nerves but I think the 3 beers he drank helped him calm down by the end of dinner. After we were done at the restaurant, Jeff suggested we take a walk by the lake. As we were walking, I noticed Jeff was moving slower than usual ( to find out later he was hiding the ring box in his sock so I wouldn't be able to see it in his front jean pocket). He had us go up into the flower garden at Nelson Park where we walked and talked and then sat down on a bench. Once we sat down I could see the sweat and nerves return as Jeff spilled his heart out to me telling me that he cannot wait to make me his wife and as he got down on one knee he said, "Sara, will you marry me?". Of course I said YES! YES! YES! I was the happiest girl in the world at that moment! We headed home to my parents house to share the wonderful news and took some pictures then we went to Jeff's parents. We ended the night by celebrating in downtown Decatur with family and friends. 

The day every girl always dreams about, her wedding day! We got married June 23, 2012- BEST DAY EVER! Jeff and I couldn't have asked for a better day. We were blessed to have so much family & friends there to support us on our big day. One funny memory of that night was when my husband got in a dance battle during our reception and decided he could do the splits (yes, that's right, the splits!) Oh, he did them alright and pulled a hamstring after! Makes me laugh every time we talk about it.

Honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica
Here we are now with one year of marriage under our belt. To me, our marriage means we have laughed more than we've cried, celebrated more than we've worried, and loved each other through everything! I look forward to our future & growing old together! I love you babe :) Always & Forever
Well, that's the end of my first post!
Can't wait to continue this fun new adventure of blogging our life together :)

XOXO, Sara


  1. Such a beautiful couple! Can't wait to see what year two has in store for you guys!! xoxo!

  2. Such a BEAUTIFUL family!! Happy 1 year anniversary!!